TEDxNUS 2017: Hidden City
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Singapore’s bustling streets often reflect the focused intent of city dwellers bound for their next appointment. People go to work, shop, study and meetup with friends. Seldom do we deviate from the practicalities of the working life, the student life or raising a family. But set in the background of the daily grind are issues which are uniquely Singaporean. A concrete jungle. A strict rule of law. An enthusiastic startup scene. An increasing tolerance (or intolerance?) of non-traditional lifestyles. These are issues we are all familiar with, but not necessarily understand. Sometimes we challenge and grumble about it, but mostly we accept the way things are. Or do we? TEDxNUS 2017 moves the conversation towards unpacking these issues. We want to dissect, discuss and ultimately display what it means to be Singaporean, both the good and the bad, on a world stage.